Спросите русских

Thanks to everyone who did this year’s blog survey. I’m going to leave it open for one more week, so if anyone wants to sneak in a last minute response, you can click here. The winner of this year’s survey was Phill who submitted all his responses in Russian.
As always, here is my annual resonance to all the deep and insightful questions I received as part of said survey. Enjoy!
Your blog contains less typos and spelling errors than before. I think this is amazing!!!!! Why is this?
I think it is because I am really clever and good at spelling? Yep. That is definitely the reason.
When will teleportation be invented? I’m assuming you have your best people working on it.
Apparently teleportation is actually already possible, but only on a cellular level and the something something required to something a whole human is impossible or something. Whatever. I assume my best people will have it sorted out soon. In the meantime we have Google Hangouts.  
Do you like cats?
I do indeed like cats. When I was little we had a cat called Margo and she was the best. Unfortunately I’m technically allergic to cats which means it would probably be a bad idea for me to ever own a cat. Fortunately my best friend and I have a bet which she is going to lose so she will definitely be buying me a cat in the next decade or so.
What is your opinion on the state of the European banking collapse and its potential ramifications on future global fiscal policy and investment?
I can’t say I know a whole lot about the economy. I try and pay enough attention to be informed and mostly it seems like bad things are happening. I think anything with the word “fiscal” in it is probably going to end badly.
Have you ever been to Germany and/or would you like to?
I haven’t been to Germany but I really want to one day. I used to have a pen pal who lived near Berlin and I loved her stories about Germany. She used to work at a gherkin-themed amusement part. She once sent me a key ring from Gherkin World. Clearly Germany has the right idea about tourist attractions.
Also I studies Germany pretty extensively when I did Modern History at school and there’s quite a lot of places I’d like to visit. So yeah, I’d love to see Germany one day.

Will you give us some sneak peeks of present or future school musical writings?

For those of you who are unaware, one of my Get Rich Quick schemes involves writing school musicals. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about my ideas because-
a) You might steal them and
b) I don’t really have any.
Can I have an icy pole, please?
Of course you can. I believe they are available from your local shopping centre for a very reasonable price.

Почему вы спросите, что первый вопрос и, следовательно, сделать мне придется Google Translate все на русском?

Don’t ask me, ask the Russians.
Ok, for those of you are unaware, this blog gets a slightly improbable amount of traffic from Russian. Like more traffic than I am able to pass off as a mere coincidence. I know what the most popular search engine in Russia is because people keep typing “Adventures in TV-Land” into it. I assume this is come kind of conspiracy to creep me out and/or I am on a watch list at the KGB.
Когда вы собираетесь получить телевизор сделка так или иначе?
Please do not ask questions like this, that is depressing.
But one day, I hope?
Well seeing as you mentioned it, there are actually some super-secret plans in the pipe line. I won’t say anything yet, because it’s still early days but with any luck there will be something nice coming to your ears in the next 12 months or so (it’s an elaborate project, be patient).  
No questions but I would really like updates on the Russian Situation.
For regular updates on the Russian Situation you can like Adventures in TV-Land on Facebook.

Do you believe in the loch ness monster?

You know apparently the yeti is actually a multi-dimensional being so the reason it’s so hard to find is that it only exist in this universe occasionally? Seeing as that theory clearly proves that the yeti is definitely real, who am I to say there isn’t a dinosaur living in a lake in Scotland somewhere? Scotland’s pretty cool. It could happen.

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