10 shows I am excited for at MICF 2016

Last year Alice Fraser’s show made me cry more than is probably acceptable in a comedy show. I know that doesn’t sound like an endorsement of a comedy show but it absolutely is. She is good.
I saw Clara Cupcakes directly as a result of only seeing lady comedy last year. I took a punt on this silly, prop-heavy weirdness, to fill a gap in my schedule. And I’m so glad I did, it was pure joy.

Instead of doing a show this year, Claire Hooper has had Pop Up Playground design a game about her. It’s really exciting to see an established comic doing something so weird and experimental.
Every time I have seen her do a bit, as part of a longer show or on something like FactyFact, Demi Lardner has dominated the room. I am excited to see her do this for a full hour.
If you, like me, love nothing more than musical comedy so surreal it’s basically abstract, then this is 100% for you. Also you’ll probably like it even if your tastes are less niche, I guess.

Laura Davis is my favourite. I have loved every show I have seen her do. I have decided that this is the year that I am going to force everyone I know to go see her too. That includes you.
Dave Warnake is a master host. Dating Shows are very funny. QED. I am peer pressuring Dave to bring a version of this to NYWF but you should see it at MICF in case he doesn’t cave.
Last year when I saw Tessa Waters I queued behind a middle aged man who loved her weird feminist character comedy so much he had not only come again, but bought all his friends.

A few years ago, I saw Tom Walker do a show called Muscle Clown. I still think about that show a lot. But he went to France so he could go to mime school and hasn’t done a show since. Until now!
If you love comedy and haven’t seen Zoe Combs Marr yet, then you are probably doing comedy wrong (sorry). Her character – Dave – is such biting and important satire.

Suggested comedy itinerates
I’ve organised your evenings so you don’t have to
8:15 – Kate Dehnert – ACMI
9:30 – Laura Davis – ACMI
7:15 – Tessa Waters – Town Hall
8:30 – Demi Lardner – Vic Hotel
7:15 – Alice Fraser – Forum
9:45 – Zoe Combs Marr – Vic Hotel
6:00 – Claire Hooper – Bourke and Wills Statue
8:30 – Clara Cupcakes – Butterfly Club
NB: Claire Hooper is only doing shows Saturdays and Sundays.
6:00 – Tom Walker – Tuxedo Cat
7:15 – Butt Kapinski – Tuxedo Cat
NB: Tom Walker is only on from April 7 and Tuxedo Cat doesn’t do shows on Wednesdays.
6:30 – Rose Matefeo – Town Hall
9:00 – Lonely Comedian’s Blind Dating Show Spectacular – Town Hall
NB:  this itinerary is very niche and only possible on Monday April 4
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