50 things that have made me happy

Catching our flat from different angles when I’m walking makes me happy.
For the last week or so, every day I’ve been writing down five things that make me happy. Here, therefore, are fifty things that have made me happy.
1. Eating fancy nuts and sharing a single bottle of champagne with the EWF team before the closing party.
2. Presenting the manifestos from the forums that I ran. Being super crazy proud of everyone and overwhelmed that I got to work with so many great people. (You can read the manifestos on the EWF website here, here and here.)
3. Talking to a whole bunch of people who I like a  lot, some of whom I haven’t seen in ages.
4. Realising I have made some new friends as a result of EWF and new friends are really nice.
5. Leaving the EWF party and eating pizza by the slice and potato cakes and donuts at a dodgy fast food place.
6. Having brunch on Saturday morning with Sian and Murray (who live next door) and eating really delicious food and drinking amazing hot chocolate.
7. Eating broccoli pasta for lunch while watching Friends.
8. The Scum Pozible launching and refreshing the page over and over again while we were on the way to the airport. (The campaign was funded in only a couple of days! But you can still pre-order the zine for sixteen more days.)
9. Watching boyfriend look out of the plane window like a little kid. He gets all excited about being able to see everything out the window.
10. Being in Newcastle. And my brother’s dog Hobbes being almost beside himself with excitement that everyone had come to visit him. And seeing my mum and my dad and my brother and Beth. Nice.
11. Drinking tea around the kitchen table with my mum and dad.
12. Hobbes running around and around the kitchen and dragging his bowl into the middle of the room and demandingthat someone feed him dinner because he was starving.
13. Dangling a strobing light bulb key-ring down a hole in the floor and making a rave under the house.
14. Watching Master Chef with my family.
15. Watching Speed with Fin and Beth and boyfriend and laughing hysterically about buses.
16. Waking up on the fold-out coach with the sun streaming through the window and watching everyone potter around the house.
17. Going to a nearby park with Hobbes and running up and down and up and down while he chased along madly behind me.
18. Waking up from a long nap to tea from mum and nice emails from nice people.
19. Opening all the Jamie Oliver stickers my mum had got when she bought a tonne of food and finding all the cool scratch and sniff ones.
20. My friend Rachel coming over for dinner. I miss my Newcastle friends.
21. Boyfriend and I having bacon and eggs for a breakfast, late in the morning.
22. Op shopping with mum and boyfriend. I only saw one piece of clothing that I donated when we moved in February (I do not like seeing my own clothes at op shops. I don’t know why…)
23. beccamarsh coming over and it didn’t feel like months since I saw her last. It never does.
24. My mum making really amazing Mexican for dinner. My mum makes good food.
25. Sitting around and doing random internet quizzes and reading things like this and laughing.
26. Beth hugs at 4am.
27. Sharing a Hungry Jacks meal with boyfriend at the airport.
28. After the plane and a bus and the tram, when we were finally home boyfriend made me porridge and bought it to me in bed and then I napped for hours and hours.
29. Eating pizza and watching Parks and Rec curled up in a sleepy heap on the lounge.
30. Putting boyfriend to bed at 8pm and then staying up to watch Offspring. Offspring is really good, you guys. 
31. Being surprisingly cheerful at 6:30am (boyfriend had to get up for uni) because we went to bed so early.
32. Going shopping and buying an enormous amount of food. And even though I spent all my money on food, at least I got lotsa Jamie stickers for my book?
33. Going to the launch of the latest Voiceworks and talking to lots of people who I like.
34. Winning the raffle at the launch and getting fun prizes for future adventures (dinner vouchers and movie tickets and event tickets).
35. Walking along in the dark with boyfriend, holding hands and talking about things and looking at the trees all lit up.
36. Post-EWF lunch with team EWF. Talking and eating Japanese food.
37. Walking past a flock of sparrows outside our flat and them all launching into the air in a single whoooosh.
38. Talking to my brother on the phone for hours.
39. My brother convincing me to buy Paranoia. Now I have all the Paranoia books and am going to learn to run Paranoia.
40. Talking while we half-watched Master Chef.
41. Eating delicious cake at a meeting with the NYWF board.
42. Having avocado on toast in a back alley café with Jessand Rachel.
43. Heading into town in the evening to go to the Science of Doctor Who because I won free tickets.
44. Walking along the river afterward, swinging our arms back and forth with the lights on the river and the brisk air. It is nice down near the river.
45. Eating cake in a café and talking about Doctor Who.
46. Getting up early and creating D&D characters with my brother on speaker phone (because he’s better at D&D than me).
47. Sian and Murray and Liz coming over to play D&D and sitting around the table with snacks and characters and dice.
48. Playing D&D. Devoting a whole day to it for the first time in ages.
49. Making weird ricotta “gnocchi” and thinking it was going to be a disaster except it was actually delicious.
50. Even on less good days, there are lots of little nice things. This is a nice thing to remember. 

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