A beginners guide

The pictures are not always relevant to the text.

This is my 100th post.

There are people coming to my blog all the time. I don’t mean that in an “I am a super-star blogger!” kind of way (I am not. I wish.) But it has occurred to me that, for new readers, there is now rather a lot to catch up on.

I don’t expect anyone to go back and read all 100 of those posts. I know there’s a few of you who have been with me long enough to have read the vast majority. You guys get bonus points. For the rest of you, I’ve made being in the loop a little easier.

Here, for your reading convenience, is a ten post introduction to Adventures in TV-Land. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

My first post, fittingly enough tells the story of how it all started. It also features the couch story. Couches are something of a running theme. This story is part of the reason why.

The scariest moment of my life
I find it rather hard to believe there are still people who haven’t heard me tell the Exploding Mouse Trap Wheel of Death story. Luckily, to help change that, I wrote it down.

A day in the life…
Sometimes I write these things called “day in the life posts.” This was the first one. It continues to baffle me why a blow-by-blow account of my tea drinking provides so much amusement.

Copping some flack
This is one of my favourite posts. It is partly responsible for“chocolate Hobnobs” being the most popular search term used to find my blog. Damn I love Hobnobs.

Not another day in the office
In which I get to play with a slapstick and throw shoes at Paul. This was a good day. For a while my blog was the top result when you Googled “Benedict’s a wanker clap.”

It is important that you know who Ian Simmons is. Both while reading this blog and talking to me in real life. This is because Ian is really seriously excellent.

Tell me something I don’t know
Sometimes I’ll features interviews with people from TV-Land. This particular interview currently holds the honour of most read post of all time. The ABC featured it on their Twitter and Facebook page.

Name dropping
There’s going to be a slightly exciting thing soon which is kind of a follow-up to this. So reading it now is in your interest.

Sometimes this blog isn’t about TV-Land. Increasingly its about life. Because sometimes life is almost as unbelievable.

This seems like a rather fitting way to end this introduction. No matter how many of those 100 posts you’ve read (even if this is your first), this applies. I couldn’t have imagined, when I started this blog, what it would become. And it couldn’t have been anything without you guys.

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