A day in the life of a Heywirer

Heywire 2011

6:30am- Am woken from a Heywire themed dream. Pretty sure we were changing the world.
6:45am- Have moderate argument with my hair. Slightly regret my stubbornness in regard to hair straighteners and travelling.
6:51am- Spent five minutes trying to get my name tag straight. This takes longer than any other part of getting ready. Cover new Heywire shirt in punctures.
7:15am- Over breakfast we talk Mighty Boosh and I dazzle Sophie with my encyclopedic knowledge of Matt Smith’s sock collection.
8:00am- On the bus to Parliament. Only half an hour behind schedule.
8:04am- Stuck in traffic.
8:22am- We’ve arrived. There’s a lot of live tweeting going on. I’m offline blogging using paper and pen. That should count.
8:33am- So apparently our giant foam letters and Parliament house have to be separated by a road.
8:44am- Parliament House looks better with giant green letters. They should be a permanent installation.
8:48am- Telling my exploding mousetrap wheel of death story to an ABC lady in the shadow of Parliament House. As if the story needed more surreal.
9:03am- Australia’s capital was designed almost entirely by Americans. Discuss.
9:09am- How to build a Parliament House. First demolish any hills present on the proposed site.
9:11am- Guide-“And out the front we have a lovely mosaic”
              Bryce- “Renee’s grandfather actually designed that. When she said her grandfather had a mosaic here we thought we’d have to go through the corridors looking for it. As we’re coming in she says ‘oh its that one there.'”
9:37am- Yet another fascinating guide. This lady’s amazing.
10:30am- The Heywire morning tea is like being inside a news bulletin.
10:35am- Obviously I should be over the whole “Oh my god! People from the TV exist in real life!” I’m not.
10:36am- Look! Its Peter Garrett!
10:45am- I just shook hands with Barnaby Joyce.
10:56am- The toilets have instructions for using the automatic sensor taps. Not even shopping centres have that. A reflection on our politicians?
11:11am- We’re doing Bush Telegraph. Live radio. Huzzah.
11:20am- Just had to talk about my story about the school farm live on air. Surprise!
11:34am- I hope you’re all listening to this radio. Its awesome. I think you’ll be able to podcast it. Do that.
11:46am- Been suddenly overwhelmed by the amazing nature of the people in this room. Slightly emotional.
11:59am- We’re going to change the world.
12:31pm- I just told the women from Headspace about Matt Smith’s Socks. In my defence she asked me about Tumblr. I take that back. There is no excuse. Shame.
12:54pm- Listening to the youngest MP dude. A testament to the fact that age is no barrier.
1:15pm- Demonstrating our coordination skills now by chucking mints.
1:46pm- Having all our worldly possetions impounded. Not even allowed to write during question time apparently.
2:44pm- Question time in summery- Julia Gillard waved at us, they yelled a lot and we had to leave just as everyone was getting into it.
2:50pm- We stop to look at the mosaic but move off before our foam letters are escorted from the premises.
2:55pm- We’re now clogging up the car park. No sign of the bus.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent being far too busy to even blog offline. But we’re really excited about our issues presentations tomorrow. You’ll here more about this. Its going to be huge.  

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