A letter to my fifteen year old self…

Dear me,

Firstly- Happy New Year and all that. Welcome to 2007. Prepare yourself. This is a good one.

You know how we’ve got this theory that life runs in blocks of five? That every five years something happens which will alter the course of your life for not only the next five years but for all the years which will follow? As far as metaphorical speed bumps go 2007 might make you hit the roof of the car.

I thought maybe I should give you some kind of warning as to what it is that’s about to hit you. Because, honestly, you’re pretty thoroughly unprepared. Quite a lot of your dreams are going to come true, including a few you didn’t even know you had. You’re going to meet people you admire, and seriously admire people you’ve just met.

So advice. You could probably do with some. I think the best advice I can give you is DON’T PANIC. The worst possible thing you can do is panic. You’ll panic anyway but kept the idea of not panicking in the back of your mind. It helps. You’ve got a heap of theories about cliffs. That there are too kinds of people (you say). The first half when poised at the top of a towering cliff face (largely of the metaphorical variety) simply jump into the abyss. The others pause, in fear, and think twice. To put it another way (more advice-use less analogies) some people take risks and others simply think about the consequences. This year you’re finally going to have a crack at being the former.

Never take anyone for granted. I didn’t say that the next few years are going to be easy. I’m here to tell you that you need your friends and you need your family. Be nice
to them. Ian Simmons. The name doesn’t mean anything to you yet but it will. And I’ll tell you a secret- he isn’t really scary at all. Just…remember to think before you click send. This applies to all emails, always. Loneliness, exhaustion and school-brain-hurtiness are not good enough excuses.

Finally here are a couple of things that you’re not going to work out for a while, but which you could do with the knowledge of now.
1- Confidence is an act. Pretend you’re got everything under control and other people will believe you. Eventually you might even believe yourself.
2- You’re a writer. All those things in your head that you don’t understand? This explains them. You’re not alone. People will understand. It’ll work out. Be patient.
3- There are occasions in life when all that weird, awkward freakiness can be to your advantage. You can’t help it anyway. So don’t try.
4- Steven Moffat. Just go Google him. If anyone can make a bad day better its him.
5- Write. It’s hard to get up a routine and write consistently but its worth the effort. Its keeps you sane.
6-Never underestimate the usefulness of towels.

(But not necessarily in that order)
And most of all- Good luck. 
you xx

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