(a mix tape)

I’ve always had a strange relationship with music.
I love music. I love learning lyrics and singing them badly and too loud. I love piano solos. I love dancing around my kitchen. And at traffic lights.
But for a long time I’d never really had conversations about music. I’ve got this eclectic, all-over-the-place taste that somehow leaves out a lot of the songs other people have heard of. I didn’t really…know about music. I wasn’t that kind of person. I just listened to it. Everyone does that. Right?
In the last few months I’ve realised that music is actually really important to me. I’m going to credit this musical awakening to two things- a course I’m doing called Music and Culture (probably the best course I’ve done at uni) and Alex (who is great). 
Suddenly I’m proud of the things I like and what music means to me. 
So let’s talk about music ok?
I am currently obsessed with mix tapes. My car only has a cassette player. Last year instead of getting an FM transmitter like everyone told me to, I took up making mix tapes. There is an art to it, a knack, which is utterly fascinating. 
The following is a cassette my brother and I composed. We made four themed tapes over Christmas; this one is “broken hearts and one night stands”. I have transcribed it into the form of two YouTube playlists. This really isn’t the same thing but it’ll do. If you would like to tape the playlists onto a cassette I will give you a million points (also can I borrow your cassette recorder? Mine is broken and it is killing me a little inside).
My favourite thing about this tape is the endless hours of entertainment we have got analysing the nature of the relationships in the songs. A lot of the essays talk about the way mix tapes allow you to own a song, to take it out of its original context and put it in another. This is like that. I could offer you an extended blog-rant about the conclusions Fin and I have come to during several long car trips with this tape, but I’d rather you make your own.   
And then tell me about them.
Happy listening.

Goodbye Stranger 
(a mix tape)

Goodbye Stranger- Supertramp
Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady- Dead Cat Bounce
Into Temptation- Crowded House
Live it Up- Mental as Anything
The Ship Song- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Talk Like That- The Presets
Always Got Tonight- Chris Isaak
Norwegian Wood- The Beatles
In Da Club- Dead Cat Bounce
Everything is Ending- Chameleon Circuit
Summerboy- Lady Gaga
Fever- Michael Buble
Lust (Outstanding Woman)- Tim Minchin
Cry Me a River- Michael Buble
For No One- The Beatles
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?- Mental as Anything
Rain- Mika
Missing You- Alex Day
At This Moment- Michael Buble
Blue Eyes- Mika
Anywhere- The Presets
From Now On- Supertramp
Doomsday- Murray Gold

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