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The further answering of survey questions

What about the tigers?
My mother
Umm…what about the tigers? Tigers are not as good as leopards.

Do I get 150 points if I grab your snitch?
A random Russian who likes murderers 
According to the rules of Muggle Quidditch you only get 30 points if you catch the snitch. So no, you don’t get 150 points. In order to achieve victory, your chasers would have to do the initial groundwork to ensure the other team aren’t more than three goals up when the snitch is caught.

How are you supposed to go about getting people to participate in brilliant television? A friend of mine absolutely refuses to watch Sherlock. It’s the sort of thing she would probably like, but she won’t go near it. Any advice?
This is a hard question. I will admit that there was a time in my life when I refused to participated in things my friends liked out of a kind of spite. But then I became less of a douche, realised we were friends for a reason and I’d probably like the same things they liked.

But to answer your question, I’d recommend borrowing a hard drive and scrumptiously returning it with a few extra files. If your friend has access to Sherlock and can watch it without you saying “WAIT FOR THIS BIT! WAIT FOR IT! LOOK! HOW GOOD WAS THAT BIT! THERE’S ANOTHER GOOD BIT IN A SEC! LOOK AT IT! HAHAHAHA! HOW. GOOD. IS. THIS. SHOW.” We all do that. Its very difficult not to but also extremely off putting for others. If your friend is able to watch Sherlock in secret, they might be more willing to. Alternatively- force.

Do you ever think far into your own future? What do you see? In 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?
Thinking about this question bought me to the rather terrifying realisation that my concrete life-plan runs out at the end of next year when I finish my arts degree. Beyond that I really have no idea. So basically, no. I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be in the future. I could tell you where I’d LIKE to be but I’m pretty happy to see where life takes me. Except that in 20 years I’ll be Liz Lemon. That much is given.

Why don’t you have a YouTube channel?
YouTube for me is kind of like the final frontier.
In this particular analogy I am not someone who has just scaled a mountain and is poised heroically surveying the summit. I am someone who thought the mountain looked rather pretty from the bottom and has accidentally found themselves three quarters of the way up without really understanding how they got here. I have no real desire to go any higher because this altitude is quiet terrifying enough thank you.
Those of you who did the survey will have seen the only thing currently on my YouTube channel. If haven’t seen it and you ask me really nicely on Twitter, I might send you that link.

Alex, why is this post so pointless?
paper_bag_girl on Twitter
I’ve been playing Quidditch all weekend and can barely walk. You expect me to be able to construct meaningful sentences too?

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