An Ode to Happiness

A guest post by Lizzy King

Happiness is
Travelling to new places
Beach houses
Fireplaces and dressing gowns
A new episode of your favourite TV show
An old episode of your favourite TV show
Buying a gift for someone
For no reason
An idea
A roadtrip with your boyfriend
Happiness is
New friends
Old places
Old friends in new places
Laughter as medicine
And sunshine after rain
Reading in the garden
Learning a new skill
Making something yourself
And then eating it
You can find it
By yourself
Or with six friends
In the mud, in the rain
At a concert
With a sexual innuendo for a name
Happiness is
Writing a guest blog
Looking up what an Ode is on Wikipedia
Realising this is not an Ode
It’s elusive
It’s precious
It’s inspiration
Happiness is mine
But I don’t hold the exclusive rights
Well, hello Alex’s readers, wasn’t that fun? I don’t usually write stuff like that but Alex was all, “write me a thing” and I was all “ok” and then I realised I had no idea what thing to write. I tried to be funny but I was too tired, so I tried to be meaningful and this came out instead. Basically, my life is really good at the moment, and I am very happy. And this is a nice and good thing because being happy is quite difficult sometimes.
Alex’s blog is a thing that makes me happy, and so is writing.
What would go in your Ode to Happiness?

Lizzy is a card-carrying member of the Adventures in TV-Land family. You can read more of her wonderful musings over at Hum Drum Plum.

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