An offer you can’t refuse

Exciting news- I’m the NSW Ambassador for National Young Writer Month.

This is a role I am sharing with the lovely Rosie.* I know. Exciting. What’s that? You don’t think you can really get excited until I’ve defined this NYWM thing for you? Ok.

Basically young people register to the website and set their own writing goals to achieve during the month of June. By registering you get support, inspiration and a community of people to help you along the way. All that for nothing. It’s a pretty good deal. Plus there are a bunch of awesome and exciting events planned right across Australia.

Me having this job means a couple of things. It means that I keep posting late because I’m sending emails and making phone calls and organising overly ambitious events (June 23rd- if you’re in Sydney save the date). To make up for that it means you can read more of my ramblings (and those of cool and awesome people like Rosie) over at the NYWM blog.

But it means something else too. When we did the survey Sinead left this comment-
“Reading what you have to say, it sort of inspires me to get back into [writing] stuff. Give it a bit of a whirl…”
That comment was amazingly touching. It still gives me tingles a bit.

So here’s my challenge to you- join National Young Writers Month. You don’t have to be a novelist or a playwright or a poet. You don’t even need to consider yourself a “writer.” You can do all kinds of things- non-fiction, reviews, blogging, letter writing. Anyone can put pen to paper and create something.

My role as Ambassador is to support people and help them achieve their goals. I am, therefore, offering a very special offer to you, my lovely blog readers. Register to the website. Set a goal (if you‘re stuck about what your goal could be, get in touch). Then let me know what it is. 
I will personally harass you until you’ve achieved it.
Nagging emails straight from yours truly. Surely that’s an offer you can’t refuse?

I hope you choose to join me on this wonderful journey of writing  and discovery.
Or something.
End post.

*Rosie shall henceforth be added to the list of people I annoyingly refer to by first name only just to confuse everyone who isn’t reading every single post with meticulous care and making notes.

PS- I went to see Dead Cat Bounce on Saturday. Got my photo taken with them. It was amazing. Thought you’d all like to know.

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