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Today I’m going to answer some of the survey questions. I think all these ones come from “Female/20/Australia.” Hello! Hope I answer them to a satisfactory level.

Do the other people at GNWTV know about this blog? 
This is an interesting question. In short- no, not really. Ian knows. Every few weeks I’ll send him the link and he’ll read it. He once told me he likes it because it “gives an insight into the Alex who doesn’t say very much in person.” I have the feeling he also quietly monitors it to make sure I don’t say anything I shouldn’t.

Is there a reason I haven’t told the people of GNW about it? Well primarily I’m not there very often. If I was a full time writer, I think more people would probably know. Also I try my upmost to keep my head down whenever I am there. I sit quietly and don’t say very much. I can’t help thinking that people knowing about TV-Land might get in the way of that.

Who writes the bits like “during the break as we…”? Who writes those weird descriptions about Mikey/Claire for the introductions every week? 
Ian does. The first time I took beccamarsh to filming she saw Ian running around in the slightly crazed way he always does before a show, and asked me what exactly he does.
“Well,“ said I “He reads every newspaper and watches every news bulletin everyday to find the stories. He sends the stories out to the writers. He writes the intros and all the little fill in bits. He takes all the truck loads of stuff everyone writes and edits it into a workable script. He writes the questions. He makes up the games. Plus he writes jokes. He does an enormous amount of work.”

Seriously, I’m not entirely sure he doesn’t sleep in that office. I’m going to try and do an interview or something next year. I haven’t talked to Ian about this yet because he’s on holidays. Therefore I’m not promising anything. You might just get some more of his second hand stories via me.

Do you have to wear business clothing to the office? 
I love this question. The simple answer is no. You can pretty much wear anything you like in that office. Most people seem to settle for something approaching ‘smart casual.’ I make a real effort whenever I go down. Not that I dress UP exactly but I like getting dressed for work. Partly because most of the time in Grafton I slouch around the house in my jeans and an over sized Good News Week shirt (of which I have two). So feeling smart is nice.

I recently bought a T-Shirt from a British group called Modern Toss which says “You’re going to have to be a bit more fucking specific.” I’ve wanted one for a really long time but I always wondered where I could possibly wear a shirt like that. Last time I was down I realised that I could actually wear it to work. That made me incredibly happy.

Do you even have to go to the office or is it just optional? 
The office is entirely optional. In fact the majority of the writers work from home or their own work space. The only writer with a permanent office there is Dave. For the first few years, all the work I did was from home because I had to go to school as well. Having said that, whenever working out of the office is humanly possible that’s what I’ll do. I love it there.

What are you doing at uni next year? 
I’m going to the University of Newcastle to do a Bachelor of Art, majoring in Writing. Its not a particularly interesting answer I’m afraid. The reason I chose Newcastle was because the course has a strong scriptwriting component. Ultimately I’d like to write scripts for other types of television. Secretly I dream of writing a mini-series or a sitcom. Not really a secret anymore because I just put it on the internet. Also the culture is Newcastle is pretty cool. They have TiNA every year and a zine disto and lots of quirky little shops and stuff. Plus its close enough to Sydney that I can pop down there whenever the fancy takes me.

Don’t you think the word “moist” is really disgusting?
I can’t say I’ve ever really thought about it. But now you mention it I’d have to say it is a bit icky. I think its cool that the word conjures up all these things. It makes you think of slimy, moss covered rocks and slugs and…other things. I love words.

(That’s another request. Not sure who wanted me to write a post in two parts but someone did so here you go. Have a gratuitous Modern Toss comic.)

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