Barbecue christening

Dear mum and dad,

As promised, here is a full report on the christening of our new barbecue. Have I mentioned how excited I am about it? I’m pretty excited. Thanks again for getting us a barbecue. We went shopping today and I almost exclusively bought things you can barbecue so there’s a chance everything we eat for some time will be cooked on it.

But this evening we had a special barbecue. A christening. It was a feast, as befitted the occasion.

I bought four sausages from the David Jones Foodhall since the internet said that was a good place to buy sausages. Also the DJs Foodhall reminds me of you, mum. That too.

I marinated chicken in garlic, mint and chilli. I left it in the fridge all day and then this evening I threaded it onto skewers. I even remembered to soak the skewers in water so they won’t light on fire. This was very successful and there was no fire.

We had lots of vegetables – little baby eggplants, yellow capsicum, potatoes. Fiona contributed some corn. I pre-cooked them all in the microwave, as instructed. There was hummus too – made from slow-cooked chickpeas I had in the freezer (this batch went really mushy for some reason but they made good hummus).

I also made pink sangria. Since barbecues are all about sun and so is sangria. It had watermelon, pink grapefruit, tequila and pink moscato. It was very good. I think mum would like it. We’ll have to make it again. We drank it while the grill heated up (we were very patient while it pre-heated, dad, you’d be proud).

Despite only being wee, the little grill place fitted a surprising amount of stuff. The eggplants in particular got very nice little grill lines on them. I’m pretty excited about cooking things with grill lines on them.

For desert, I cooked sticks of pineapple and which we had with chocolate sauce. This was very good, even though, to be honest, we were much too full by this stage.

The best part about our teeny barbecue is that to clean it, you can just take the grill plates off and carry them in to the sink. Magic! This makes it very easy even when you have cooked pineapple sugar all over them.

Thanks again for the barbecue. I love it. I will make you all kinds of things with grill marks when you come visit.

Lex xxx

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