Because I finally found my camera cable…

National Young Writers Festival 2010

Wednesday- pre-festival list making
Thursday- writing on the train
Sunday- my zine fair nails. Which I now discover were painted by one of Australia’s preimer spoken word artists. Out of order becasue its too late at night to argue with Blogger.

Thursday- Student Media Exhibish. Mega points to student media for adopted me during the festival. I love you all.

Become a cartoonist in two hours- Rebecca Clements and some serious mirror action.
Friday- What’s Published
Friday- dinner on Darby St. Such fun.
Friday- yes, that’s right. We stole a sign and took it to the beach. Then we had to abandon it when some angry locals tried to bash Geir.
Saturday- Fail, Fail Again, Fail Harder. My favorite panel all festival. Blew. My. Mind.

Saturday- Lit Journal Survivor, moments before disaster.
Sunday- zine fair set up.
Sunday- me, Tim and Sian at the Spelling Bee

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