Breakfast salad

I know breakfast salad sounds like an alarmingly depressing concept, but stay with me. This is so delicious and so easy. I have made it so many times in the last month that I had to stop Instagramming it, lest my Instagram be nothing but obnoxious breakfast salad.

Despite being really easy and quick, this feels so fancy. It is also healthy; like how often do you eat vegetables before 9am? On days when I work, I have started getting up, doing ten minutes of yoga and making this. And can I just say, it is a very self-righteous and grown up way to start the day.
I basically always have enough things to make a breakfast salad. I’m a bit worried I’m becoming the kind of person who is like “But doesn’t everyone keep seventeen varieties of spices on hand at all times?!” but I promise this really is easy to scrooge together. The first time I made it (inspired by this post), it was because I was scrapping together breakfast from the scraps in the fridge. As long as you’ve got yoghurt, some kind of salad-y vegetable and an egg, you’re set.
Use this template loosely and just check in whatever you have. I’ve made luxury versions with half a dozen ingredients and I’ve also made it with just some cucumber. Both are good. It’s really nice when you can get different colours together (that’s one of the reasons I like using radish – it’s PINK). Obviously the attractiveness of the meal isn’t the main thing but part of what’s great about this is that it’s so pretty and fancy that you will feel super accomplished for having made it. Here is some inspiration:
 ~ Cucumber ~ Capsicum ~ Tomato ~ Radish ~ Avocado ~ Spring onion ~ Coriander ~ Mint ~ Feta (not a vegetable) ~

The one thing that you might not have is zaatar. It’s a middle eastern spice blend with sesame seeds and stuff. It is super delicious and good on lots of things. I have this bottle of it that was like $3 and it is lasting forever despite me making this all the time and also putting zaatar on everything. It’s worth tracking down but you could probably just use some cumin or sesame seeds or whatever instead.
Another thing you can do, to make this extra fancy, is make labneh. Labneh is generally delicious and worth making because you can pretend you make your own cheese without really doing anything. To make it, line a sieve with a Chux cloth, dump a bunch of yoghurt in, balance the sieve in a bowl and leave it in the fridge. The whey (watery bit) drains out and the yoghurt goes cheesy. It is delicious.  
Anyway, here is the vague template for breakfast salad. Please tag me in your Instagrams when you make it, ok cool.

Breakfast salad!
  • Spread the yoghurt or labneh out on a plane into a pretty circle with the back of a spoon
  • Sprinkle over zaatar (I like to coat the circle in a thin layer but use as much or little as you like)
  • Chop up all your vegetables/herbs into little pieces. Sprinkle over. Add feta, if using.
  • Cook the egg! I like to fry it with olive oil in a hot pan, so the white goes bubbly. It is best when the yolk is still runny so it runs into the yoghurt and is delicious. But cook your egg however you like! You could boil or poach or whatever.
  • Put the egg on the salad, add salt and pepper and maybe a drizzle of olive oil?
  • Nom nom nom.

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