cake circus

confession: sometimes i fantasise about running away from my life to become a food blogger. especially when i read things like this about other people being paid in cheese to blog about cheese which is pretty much my personal definition of living the dream.
when I first watched the latest art assignment (brief: choose a person who inspires you, make something in their style) i realised that if i was going to write a blog post in response to the assignment, it made sense to do so in the style of a blogger who inspires me. from there it was a pretty easy leap to my name is yeh because did i mention sometimes she gets paid in cheese?  
i discovered my name is yeh about a year ago while randomly googling and fell almost instantly in love. the blog is about life and food and living on a farm in the middle of nowhere (but actually near fargo, like the actual fargo, like in the tv show). her combination of photos and writing style is cute and relatable and interesting and funny and the best. and sometimes she does things like have have snow picnics and i’m glad i now know snow picnics are a thing that exist. molly’s photos have helped me learn to take better photos and her writing has encouraged me to write better posts. i don’t even mind that she doesn’t use any capital letters.
i decided to make a tribute to this cake (before you open that link please adjust your expectations – my cake does not look like that cake). this was one of the first posts i read and also i’m nothing if not ambitious.
first and foremost i would just like to say that this cake was delicious. making the cake and the icing was the easy part and the part which went swimmingly well. i’m unsure exactly why i thought that food styling would also be easy. for some reason all memory of previous baking disasters vanished from my mind and i proceeded to cheerfully make an enormous mess. i suddenly looked at the carnage I had wrought and realised – oh god. this is how cake wrecks happen.
if we ignore the fact that i made a whole, regular-sized cake in order to produce something approximately the size of a 50c piece then i think we can all agree that i did pretty darn well. i actually set-out to make a mini-cake! no really! that’s not an excuse! look molly makes them all. the. time.
i don’t think i’m about to pack up the day job (lol, i don’t have a day job) and become a food blogger anytime soon. i’ll continue with my i-don’t-know-what-kind-of-blog-it-is blog and hope that maybe they’ll be a time when someone will pay me in cheese to do that. but this morning during a three and a half hour skype meeting (the nywf draft program is so close to being done guys) i was eating a smashed up mess of cake and icing out of a large plastic container with a cake fork and I thought “maybe this is what being a food blogger is like”. so i guess i’ll continue to think about the world of food blogging like it’s a magical, care-free circus i could one day escape to.

i used this cake recipe (which is my go-to cake recipe) and replaced a third of the butter with tahini.
i used molly’s instructions for rosemary buttercream (although i have no idea how much “a stick” of butter is).
tada! cake!
 nb: i stole my rosemary from a bunch of giant rosemary bushes that grow wild near our tram stop. 
i assume this theft made the cake taste better.

speaking of circuses… roll-up! roll-up! join the adventures in tv-land blog carnival!

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