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December – home

I spent the first minutes of 2018 on the beach. I’ve never actually spent New Year

October – Belgrave

Friday We drink pumpkin spice lattes even though its spring and I don’t like coffee. We

August – WA

  On Saturday Dana and I go to the market. We sit in the sun and

July – Cairns

Cairns is very pretty. Cairns was one of the first trips I planned when I decided

June – Newcastle

Melbourne and I got off on the wrong foot. I remember my first year in this

May – Canberra

Photo by Julie Koh Thoughts from Noted Festival 2017. I spend a lot of time in Canberra for

April – Inverloch

Five years ago my boyfriend and I spent a weekend together. At least, by the end

March – Bendigo

In March my mum came to visit. We had a whole list of things we wanted

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