Category: adventure

Sunrise, sunset

Last weekend I met my mum in Sydney. I caught a plane and she caught a

Literal Narnia

Last Saturday I was sitting on a plane. I was looking out of the plane window

MOFO 2016

The thing I loved most about MOFO, the summer festival run by MONA is the way

Midyear resolutions

I’ve never really understood why New Year’s resolutions should be just for New Year. For me

Gap filler

There’s something about comedy that’s just good for you, on some fundamental level. It can’t just

Last Sunday

Last Sunday was a strange kind of day. I woke up to friends sleeping on the

Grown-up things

The Hunter Valley is basically a series of small towns loosely connected by bushland. Then after

If I had immortality

If I somehow had immortality thrust upon me, I know exactly how I would deal with

Advice for shy people

You know when you encounter someone in your travels through life and it strikes you, for