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The 47th Floor

We have eight paratroopers- small army men, moulded out of coloured plastic with flimsy plastic parachutes.

Vicious shrubbery

The following is a recount of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. If you’re unfamiliar with DnD,

A beginners guide

The pictures are not always relevant to the text. This is my 100th post. There are

Name dropping

These are my feet.They are in no way relevant to this post. In which Alex tells


Heywire 2011 That would be our WINNING tower thing. That’s right. Making a difference. Hello peeps.

Welcome to Tuesday

Tuesday 19th October 6:15AM- Am woken by load bang. After ensuring that neither room mate nor

Pleased to meet you

National Young Writers Festival 2010 “That’s unique water.”I stare at the man behind the counter.“It has

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