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Four years

Four years ago I came to Melbourne, ostensibly to run a comedy website but also (if


National Young Writers Festival 2013 I wake up on Friday morning smelling of yesterday’s hamburger and

Living not-alone

A while ago now I wrote this post about living alone. My intention was always to

Grown-up things

The Hunter Valley is basically a series of small towns loosely connected by bushland. Then after


When I enter the pitch black room a drink is forced into my hand. A circle

Would you rather? I would.

Guest post by Alexander Bennetts.Now a National Young Writers Festival staple, Would You Rather has become a bit of


Age is always something I’ve had a weird relationship with. When I was about 18 I

(a mix tape)

I’ve always had a strange relationship with music. I love music. I love learning lyrics and

The 47th Floor

We have eight paratroopers- small army men, moulded out of coloured plastic with flimsy plastic parachutes.