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I have seen more comedy in the last week and a half than I have seen

Riddle me this

To celebrate the end of the year (What? You’re not doing an Arts Degree and therefore

A beginners guide

The pictures are not always relevant to the text. This is my 100th post. There are

Load bearing emu

National Young Writers Festival 2011 8:32am- Pick my way threw unconscious friends to turn the kettle

Repopulating the world

National Young Writers Festival The meet and greet is populated by wonderful people. There is a

Too much of a good thing

National Young Writers Festival 2011 The National Young Writers Festival is on this week. I am


Thank-you is a strange word. Most of the time its so easy to say. We say it

Spread the word

Heywire 2011 You won’t hear much from me today because honestly, I don’t have time. We

Day Three

Heywire 2011 Telling storiesThis morning we had to tell stories. Just that. We had to pick