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The week in pictures

Sunday: cleaned, washed up, cleaned. Applied for six jobs. Read. Cleaned. Went for a walk in


I can’t remember why I decided to start a blog. I didn’t really know what a


In a recent confidence-crisis it wasn’t the “voice” of my favourite authors I found myself mimicking,


Age is always something I’ve had a weird relationship with. When I was about 18 I


When I was two years old my brother was born. My parents were worried, as parents

Dear blog,

Dear Adventures in TV-Land, Happy Birthday! Can you believe its been two whole years since you

Almost something else

Its like a Where’s Wally. But with Alex and a pointy sculpture. “You remind me of

Tell me a joke

Hey guess what? Its our birthday. ‘But Alex!’ I hear you cry, ‘It isn’t my birthday!