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Five happy things

I have to get a filing today. Also Melbourne is cold and bleak. But let’s not

Ten things

In a week that was also hard and strange and sad, here are ten things that

My happy place

For my entire life, my family have been going on holiday to the same little coastal

The week in pictures

Sunday: cleaned, washed up, cleaned. Applied for six jobs. Read. Cleaned. Went for a walk in

Coming home

I agreed to move into this house before I’d even seen it. I would have agreed

The little things

I used to have a Doctor Who mug. It had Peter Davidson’s face and a quote

An Ode to Happiness

A guest post by Lizzy King Happiness is Travelling to new places Beach houses Fireplaces and

The 47th Floor

We have eight paratroopers- small army men, moulded out of coloured plastic with flimsy plastic parachutes.


Thank-you is a strange word. Most of the time its so easy to say. We say it


On Sunday we go to the movies. We walk single-file down car park ramps and I