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Heywire 2017

Photo via Flickr I’ve been to the Heywire Regional Youth Summit four times now. Every year

Literal Narnia

Last Saturday I was sitting on a plane. I was looking out of the plane window

Heywire 2015

This week I went to the Belconnen Westfield in Canberra with a girl called Kimberly. We

The last word

Heywire 2011 Based on looks alone I think the 2011 Heywire team could have won anyone

Spread the word

Heywire 2011 You won’t hear much from me today because honestly, I don’t have time. We

Day Three

Heywire 2011 Telling storiesThis morning we had to tell stories. Just that. We had to pick


Heywire 2011 That would be our WINNING tower thing. That’s right. Making a difference. Hello peeps.