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A long walk

The thing about writing is that it’s a verb, not a job description. Two days a

When to stop

There was a day, last year, where I learned what it really meant to work too

What I learnt at EWF

Photo via EWF on Facebook I’ve always believed that I could be a writer. More than,

Living not-alone

A while ago now I wrote this post about living alone. My intention was always to

Becoming Tina Fey

Image from here I was asked to do a trial writing for GNW the week I

Advice from the past

Considering her life looked like this*, past Alex was pretty smart. I write an awful lot

Plan B

I had no idea how to illustrate this one ok? When I was in Year 5

Is uni worth it?

Recently I found the section of the university website with the breakdown of my fees. This

Stranger with a story

On the average day we make dozens of first impressions. We walk past people in the