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I miss you

Stepping out of NYWF is hard. A life-changing experience doesn’t really rock the foundations of your

NYWF15 – Sunday

Still from video by Ash Berdebes. The sun is very, very bright on Sunday morning and

NYWF15 – Saturday

Photo by Adam Chandler I get ready, nervous that no one will show for Clifftop Tales because

NYWF15 – Friday

Photo by Adam Chandler Have to do a radio interview at 9:15am. Yesterday I moaned about how

NYWF15 – Thursday

Photo by Bridget Lutherborrow Not for the first time this week, I get up before 6:00am.


On Thursday night I was walking home through the pouring rain, listening to Conchita’s album for the

Festivals, Fridays

On Friday, I woke up too early and slightly hungover. Because that’s the required way to


Dunedin is beautiful. The sky at dusk is the deep blue they use to paint cathedral

Imaginary office

Last weekend we had our first major programming meeting of NYWF 2015. On Saturday night I

Behind the curtain

Photo by Sarah-Jane Edis. In which Alex writes nonsensical, rambling daily blogs about The National Young Writers

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