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A quart of sherbet

This is the third instalment in the August blog carnival. This week’s theme is – something

How to host a murder

Hosting a Host-A-Murder party is basically like inviting all your friends over to re-enact live-action television


When I enter the pitch black room a drink is forced into my hand. A circle


Age is always something I’ve had a weird relationship with. When I was about 18 I


This is a fire hazard To celebrate Adventures in TV-Land’s second birthday, I hosted an Internet

Dear blog,

Dear Adventures in TV-Land, Happy Birthday! Can you believe its been two whole years since you


On Sunday we go to the movies. We walk single-file down car park ramps and I

Faster than light

“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its

Parties of all sorts

I’m standing in a cold, unfamiliar Melbourne backyard. I mostly listen while a group of comedians