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Five happy things

I have to get a filing today. Also Melbourne is cold and bleak. But let’s not

New Year, New TV

New Year means New TV and New TV means a whole bunch of new things to

Quality nightmares

Potentially Problematic Opinions Month Around Christmas last year there was a week during which I had

TV that’s made me cry

This post is spoiler free. Unless you think knowing that I cried during certain episodes is

I’m not racist but…

Potentially Problematic Opinions Month When I was younger I had an in-depth system for choosing library

Kind of unbelievable

An interview with Lawrence Leung How does someone get a job going to Scottish castles, holding séances

A barrel of nuts

Things I’ve learnt about the production of television… Its all about the sandwiches.Not kidding. I’m pretty

Day two in mini reviews

National Young Writers Festival 2010 Become a cartoonist in two hours Apparently I’m not much good