Collected thoughts on women in comedy

As you are probably aware if you pay any attention to me at all, this year I decided to only see women at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Then I wrote a lot about it. Here, for your reading convenience, are a bunch of my writings in one handy post:
“I think it’s important to note I’m not doing this as a boycott. To be honest it isn’t even be some grand statement (although I understand that it could be taken as such). It’s about trying to address an issue I’ve faced over and over – that it’s really hard to see a lot of comedy without seeing a lot of male comedians.”
“More than anything that’s why I decided to do it, because I didn’t think it was a big deal and because it was just an interesting thing for me [to do]. More than anything it was about forcing myself to see a lot of women and to see different sorts of female comedians.”
2ser radio in Sydney
“One of the hardest things when I tried to write about it all is that even the act of celebrating women in comedy, marks them out as separate, as somehow different from the statistically dominant male cohort. I still use the phrase female comedian…I’ve tried and failed to find an alternative, aware that it is a phrase many in the industry would like to see dead and buried.”
Kill Your Darlings
“Usually comedy festival time is when penis humour reaches saturation levels; a lot of comedians talk a lot about their dicks. Fair enough, I guess – the vast majority of comedians have them. This year though, I traded the penis forest for a meadow of labia.*”
In conclusion, it was a really great experience and one I’m really keen to repeat (maybe in a couple of years, to see if anything has changed). Basically you should just go see a lot of lady comedians because they are great and so many of them are doing such exciting things. I came away from the whole project a lot more optimistic about women in comedy. It’s important to celebrate the good just as much as we criticise the bad.
Special thanks to the following people who supported the project, by getting in touch, offering me comps or just generally being great: Gen Fricker, Lauren Bok, Claire Sullivan, Clem Bastow, Michelle & Gemma, Peter Hayward, Dave Warnake, Kirsten Law & Ronan MacEwan and Christine Ryan. Also probably some people I have forgotten. You’re all great.
Also thanks to Alex, Lauretta, Jack and Bec who all came to see comedy with me or invited me to see comedy with them. And to Ronnie and Emma who both expressed interest in commissioning pieces before the project had even started.
A full list of the shows that I saw 
Penny Greenhalgh: Pop Pop / Deanne Smith: Get Into It / Becky Lucas: Hightide / Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party / Alan Smithee’s Screen Test / Gen Fricker: Monsterpussy / CJ Delling: Topical Island / Man Academy / Geraldine Hickey: Listen out for the Castanets / Sara Pascoe vs History / Clara Cupcakes: Merchant of Whimsey / Luisa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do?! / Josie Long: Cara Josephine / Nina Conti: In Your Face / Alice Fraser: Savage / Facty Fact / Hannah Gadsby: Donkey / Susie Youssef: Owl Eyes on You / Laura Davis: Ghost Machine / Denise Scott: Mother Bare / Clem Bastow: Escape from LA / Kate Dehnert: Pony Yell / Facty Fact (again) / Wander Women / Claire Sullivan: Space Cadet / Tessa Waters: Womanz / Anne Edmonds: You Know What I’m Like / Claire Hooper: School Camp / Laura Davis: Ghost Machine (again)

* I will never top this sentence and I should probably just quit writing while I’m ahead.

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