Day Three

Heywire 2011

Telling stories
This morning we had to tell stories. Just that. We had to pick a story and tell it to our group. I missed half the stories because I had to go and stand in a bush so someone could take photos.

We’ve been broken into issues groups. I’m in Education. On Thursday we make a presentation to a room full of experts and cool people. We have it on good authority that stuff comes out of these sessions. No presure or anything. The ideas that began as obscure brain storms are now workable concepts. Its exciting and kind of remarkable. I can’t quite belive we’ve come so far in such a short time. You’ll see more about our idea. Look forward to that.

Morning Tea
There was hot tea today. Good hot Earl Grey makes life worth living.

Departmental Speed Dating
Much like normal speed dating but with instead of the desperate and dateless we had groups of amazing talents young people and similarly amazing and talented representatives of various government departments. There was corny music and heart shaped chocolates galore. Four minutes wasn’t long enough. I wish we could do it all again four times over. But it was fun.

During which we mingled with the government peeps and ate sandwiches.

War Memorial
I actually love the war memorial. I haven’t been for years and only with school. Our guide was great. I could have listened to her stories all afternoon. Did you know that a lot of the museum’s collection were gathered by soldiers “souviering” things during the war. When the museum was set up after the first world war, Australian soldiers were asked to help contribute. So they collected hoards of random things. I think that’s really cool.

Tonight we’ve got the no talent context. Around me right now jokes are being Googled and eighties dance clips reenacted. It could just be awesome.

Further reading

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