Dear Adventures in TV-Land,

Happy Birthday! Can you believe its been two whole years since you started existing? In blog years that’s an awfully long time. You’re a grown-up now. A proper blog with your own personality and quirks. Your own likes and dislikes. With the ability to be happy or sad or frustrated. Occasionally you throw minor tantrums and go and hide in a corner and I have to spend hours coxing you out into the open so the nice people can talk to you.

Today was one of those days. Are you sad about turning two? Are you having one of those moments when the inevitable rushing approach of old age hits you hard? I wonder if maybe that’s my fault. Lately it occurred to me that there will be a day when you aren’t a part of my life. One day we won’t spend every Sunday together. We’ll go our separate ways- you to the backwaters of online archives and me to other, maybe bigger, things. I want you to know that, when that day comes, I’ll be terribly sad.
I think it’ll break my heart a bit to say goodbye to you.

In the last two years you’ve become such an important part of my life. When I met new people, I introduce you to them. You’re important. You’re a part of who I am. I mention you on Facebook and Twitter more than any of my other friends.

I look forward to our days together. We have fun. And ok, so some days I wish you were the kind of blog I could just visit when I felt like it. But other Sundays, I’m struck by how utterly blissful it is to poor a little bit of my soul out to you. I know you’ll keep it safe. Thanks for that. I’ve learned to be a better, braver person because of you. I’m a better writer than I was when we started. You’ve actually changed my life.

You’ve introduced me to all sorts of amazing people. People who I never would have met without you. Those people will be in my life long after you are and I hope, one day, that’s a consolation. I’ve been on panels, talking about what this relationship is like. I love it when I get to do that. I’ve interviewed incredible people. I am more proud of you than almost anything else I’ve ever achieved.

The day when we part ways isn’t coming anytime soon. We’ve got lots of Sundays yet. A lot of desperate quests to find wifi in strange cities. A lot of adventures in TV-Land and real life. A lot of excitement, adventure and really wild things.
I’m glad that you’ve been here to share all these things with me so far. It can only get better from here.

Happy Birthday.

Much love,
Alex xx

Dear Readers,

To celebrate Adventures in TV-Land’s Birthday I am going to have an Internet Party. The exact details of this are still in production but it will occur sometime next weekend. Head over to the Facebook page to stay in the loop.

While Adventures in TV-Land doesn’t like material objects, it does have a request. As a present, what you could do is introduce it to one of your friends. You are obviously excellent so I imagine some of your friends are too. We’d be glad to have them.

Thanks again for being awesome. We wouldn’t be here after two years if it wasn’t for you peeps. I can’t say that enough. 

Alex xx

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