Dreams and fantasies…

Can you tell us what your dream writing gig would be? Is there a particular show you would like (or would have liked) to write for?

There’s a short answer to that question- Doctor Who. But that wouldn’t make a very good post so I’ll give you the long version.

In lots of ways GNW is a dream job. You get all the joys of writing without most of the pain. Its fun. And I would love, one day, to do something like that full time. I can’t tell you how much. Writing jokes is really pretty awesome. I genuinely love Good News Week and I still miss Sideshow terribly. So that’s one answer.

I’d really like to write my own shows. That’s defiantly a dream. At last count I have the basic premise for two sitcoms and a drama. Plus there’s a few things that I think are begging to be adapted into a script. I’ve always dreamt of writing a mini-series. I’d really love to tell you all about these plans but I can’t. Sorry. I can tell you that at least one of them has almost zero chance of ever getting made. If you’re a powerful TV person who’d like to commission them off me, get in touch.

At the end of the day however, if there’s one show in the world that I dream about writing for, its Doctor Who. I’ve been known to use the phrase “this show is my life” and mean it without irony. I love a lot of television about no one means as much to me as The Doctor. I can’t think of many things that make me as excited as the upcoming pirate episode or will cause as much pain as the mid season finale in series six inevitably will. (For those of you who have no interest in Who that sentence was my permission to stop reading and close the tab. For everyone else- OH MY GOD SERIES SIX ARGH!)

It’s been said by much greater people before me but it really is the best show in the world. I did for a while have the argument with myself that if I was offered the gig, hypothetically, would I take it? Because a show is different once you’ve seen how it works. But then I realised that, of zarking bloody course I’d have to say yes (hypothetically). How could I not? Plus I love all the nerdy behind the scene TV stuff. Like when Charlie visited the set of Smithmas, he was disappointed that the cloud machine was made out of door knobs. I can not tell me how happy those door knobs made me. (Non-Who people aren’t still reading are they?)

So what would I write? That is a carefully guarded secret. I do have an episode sketched out in my head. I’ve devised the concept, basic plot and even written the pre-credit sequence (though I’ve never been brave enough to put it on paper). I’ll give you one clue- it’s a Doctor meets a famous historical figure kind of episode. Does that sound sad? No, its sounds like the makings of a spec-script. Which is a perfectly reasonable and very real thing.

My ultimate television dream is a lot smaller than that though. I want to go to a script read for Doctor Who. That would make my little nerdy dreams come true.

I appear to have done some sort of weird blog swap this week. In that I kind of feel like this post should be on my other blog and visa versa. How ‘bout you just read both posts. Please and thank you. 

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