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Dear July,
Tonight we went to see the latest Marvel movie, as is tradition. There’s three Marvel movies this year which might seem like too many but it also means a bonus bi-annual Marvel Movie Night so I’m not complaining. Spider Man (the Marvel move in question) was good. Filling a whole row in the cinema was good. Sneaking snacks into the theatre and passing them up and down the row was good.
Afterwards we got burgers from our favourite burger place, which briefly had a pop-up in our favourite pub but now we have to trek south for. It was packed so we ordered takeaway and took our pile of burgers and gems to the empty shopping centre Food Court. We sat around a stark white table in the bright lights and laughed and shared gems and opened gifts for all the birthdays (three) that are this week.
Later we went to our favourite pub and ordered jugs and sat in a corner, under a bright red neon light. We invented a very good game where you try and describe your favourite YouTube video, without actually showing the video. I laughed so much that I got hiccups very badly and Stephen told me that I hiccup “like an old timey cartoon drunk person”.
I am somewhat prone to pre-emptive nostalgia. I often think about our little rituals as things that Ill look back on fondly. Which is a silly, not very productive way to think about things that are good in your life right now. Friends are good. Burgers are good. The pub is good. Right now, all those things are good. The rest can come later.
Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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