An interview with Dave Warnake

You’re only 21 and you’ve already done three solo shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Are you a prodigy or a masochist?
Well I’d like to say I’m just ambitious but being rather naive on how things are done early on played a big part. I did my first show at the 2010 Comedy Fest and was only 19 and had only done a very small handful of gigs. Luckily my little musical comedy show didn’t go too badly and I’ve been coming back ever since. My show ‘FACT’ this year was easily the best thing I’ve done and I hope that I can continue to progress.

Your day job is hosting trivia nights. Is teaching facts to drunken louts the best job ever? Or the worst?
Definitely the best job, I absolutely love it. It’s kept me on my dream path of hopefully never having to have a real job. It started as pub trivia and now I also do corporate gigs, which has opened up a whole new world of speaking jobs. Whilst it’s not exactly stand up, it’s still given me lots of stage time and taught me a lot about my stage presence and how to deal with the drunken louts. I’ve never really been heckled doing stand up but get it all the time at pub trivia, and I’ve really gotten better at putting people in their place whilst making the crowd laugh.

What’s your worst (and/or best) trivia host experience?
I got to do a gig as part of the Rutherglen Walkabout Winery Festival a few months ago and this absolute giant of a man got really excited in my introduction when I was pumping the crowd up and he slung me over his shoulder and ran me around the hall. He overestimated how much I weigh (only 52kg) and nearly threw me completely over his shoulder. It was hilarious and also ridiculously scary, so I think that encompasses best and worst experience in one.

You’re asked to describe The Facty Fact Gameshow to someone who’s never seen the show before. Using mime. You’re allowed to have three props, what would they be and why?
A role of paper towel, a box of tissue and a hose… all to clean up the mess.

You’ve got some really knowledgeable guests lined up for this show. Any tips on who’ll triumph as ultimate fact nerd?
Well to the untrained eye they all seem to be in with a fair shot at facty glory. I mean you’ve got Josh Earl – a former Librarian, and Lawrence Leung who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in almost any situation. However my money is on Andrew McClelland a very knowledgeable fellow who has not only done entire comedy shows about history, but he also used to smoke a pipe. His team winning would be elementary indeed.

Between comedy and your day job, you must need an awful lot of facts. Where did you find them all?
Some are gathered from the Internet after being cross referenced with many sources, but I get most of my facts from Fact books. My favourite one right now is called ‘Shocked By The Bible –the most astonishing facts you’ve never been told.” So get excited for some Bible facts.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in pursuit of comedy (and/or knowledge)?
A couple of years ago as part of my web series I decided to wear G strings for a week in order to promote comfort awareness for women (one of my more noble episodes). Still to this day I am one of the biggest search results when you type in ‘G string man’ and I have received countless weird messages from people around the world about the video, including one person who requested I send my g strings via mail to him in the USA. I decided that if I sent one fan my g string, pretty soon many fans would be requesting arse related gifts, so I politely declined. One of my prouder moments was having the video featured on

If you’re as perverted as the people above you can watch my g string video here.

If you were abducted by aliens, how do you think you’d react?
First with absolute panic, but then a gradual feeling of justification after having nightmares from watching one of my favourite shows The X Files. The truth is out there.

All time favourite fact?
FACT: The flag of Mozambique has an AK47 rifle on it. Oh Africa, you’ve done it again.

Would you like to share a random anecdote (or fact?)? Bonus points if it features a couch.
My five favourite trivia names that I have read out.
1. I’m Ron Burgundy???
2. This Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t
3. This Microphone Smells Like Cock
4. Ambiguous girl at the bar (who was not actually the girl sitting at the bar).
5. Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber

Keyboard zebra. Discuss.
I have a tattoo on my arm of a Zebra who has a keyboard for a body whom I have named George. People always ask the significance of it like it has to have a cryptic message but really it’s because I like Zebras, I like keyboards and I think having them together is just hilarious.

I have devised a kid’s carton about George and you can watch theme song here:

Muppet- Rowlf
Colour- Blue.
Letter of the alphabet- Anything but W, which despite being called double U, actually looks more like a double V in most fonts.
Accent- Anyone who can do a good Irish is ok by me. I used to do a terrible one when I did a pirate character at kid’s birthday parties.
Biscuit- Monte Carlo.
Number between 7 and 45- 16

Thanks to Dave, Adventures in TV-Land is giving away a double pass to The Facty Fact Gameshow in Melbourne next week. Below are five facts. To win all you have to do is work out which one is FALSE. Email you answer and your full name to alexandra.b.neill {at}

1. Shakespeare’s plays contain 13 suicides.
2. Giraffes can close their muscular nostrils to protect themselves against sand storms and ants.
3. In 2009 Apple sold 1.27 iPhones per second.
4. The MCG in Melbourne is the world’s largest capacity stadium in the world.
5. Each person sheds skin cells at a rate of 30,000 per minute.

The Facty Fact Game Show is on at The Workers Club, Fitzroy, Melbourne on Wednesday September 12th at 8:30. Tickets can be bought at the door but seats can be booked here.

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