Dear July,
Things I did during my first day of being 26:

1.   Took the day off work.
2.     Had two cups of tea before I got out of bed.
3.     Wore new clothes, sent in a bulging parcel from my parents.
4.     Watched Jedward’s Instagram story in which John said “there’s a big difference between being 25 and 26”.
5.     Caught the tram with Alex to a little bakery and ate sandwiches in the sun.
6.     Had gelato from the shop that was closed when we tried to go on my birthday last year.
7.     Sat in the sun in a park, talking quietly, sitting close.
8.     Talked to people I love on the phone, one after the other.
9.     Played Monument Valley II curled in bed.
10.  Put on another new dress and some blindingly orange lipstick.
11.  Went to a nice restaurant and ate nice food and drank pink wine, with a gift card my mum traded her Woolies points for.
12.  Walked home, holding hands.
13.  Stopped at the shops to buy a block of Rolo.
14.  Drank tea in bed, eating Rolo and watching Survivor.
15.  Felt very grateful.

Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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