Dear July,
To be honest, I haven’t been looking forward to this. Last winter was hard. It felt like the cold lasted all the way to Christmas, until my complaining became relentless. Some days stepping into cold air feels like standing too close to a dementor – all the happiness just leaves me. I worry that my mental health is built on a foundation of sunshine. I’ve been dreading the encroaching winter and how miserable it can make me. But it’s hard to find the words for all that so I just complain about the cold.
Ive been trying to protect myself. Doing lots of little things to ward off that feeling. And last month, booking a flight to Cairns, I realised that maybe I’m going to be fine? Suddenly I realised that I might get through winter this year without getting really sad. I’m typing this in our backyard and my fingers are stiff from the cold but it’s sunny. As long as there’s sunshine, we’ll be ok.
Alex x
I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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