So I was going to write a blog about my NYWF program picks. Except I went ahead and wrote that for the NYWF site instead (find it here). Then I didn’t have anything to write about. I decided I should stop over thinking it and just write a post about some things that make me happy this week. I’ve talked before about finishing each day by making a list of the five things that made me happy in the proceeding hours. Here are five things that made me really, wonderfully happy this week.

On Wednesday NYWF got a joke hashtag trending and it was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever been part of. One minute there I was tweeting someone about a throw away joke and the next minute somehow it was an whole thing and the rest of Twitter was joining in. I sat at work watching all these tweets scroll down my screen and giggling insanely at my desk. On the way home, dizzy with happiness, I bought some books by artists coming to NYWF and had to resist the urge to tell the store person why I was buying these books in particular. And also by the way did I mention that we were  trending on Twitter.

The best.

Teen Dog is a comic that Jake wrote and Jake is really great. Immediately after buying the aforementioned books I went to the comic shop and convinced the guy to give me our reserved copy of Teen Dog even though they hasn’t finished unpacking the boxes. I was so flushed and over excited by that stage that he must have thought I was crazy. On Saturday we went to Jake’s comic signing. Then afterwards we hopped from one place to another – drinking mulled wine on a rooftop, then cider in a pub, then Italian on Lygon street, and then chocolate in an alleyway. I felt a bit guilty spending the day so frivolously but I think I needed a weekend. Just a little one.

Plz go buy Teen Dog k thx.

Magic and happiness
NYWF is in less than three weeks. As well as being terrifying I’m realising that NYWF will still be all the things it usually is, even though it will also be a lot more running and phone calls and clipboards than normal. It still means that I get to see a staggering percentage of all my favourite people in the world. All those people that I only get to see annually. And my mum and dad and brother. And my brother’s dog Hobbes. And my godparents. And also it means spending time reading books and doing crafts with team NYWF. We’re in Newcastle for a week before the festival and in reality we’ll probably have a lot to do. But right now imaging that time as a sun-soaked, book-filled holiday is pretty much what’s keeping us all sane, I think.

Lawrence Leung took this picture at NYWF in 2011 it’s one of my favourite pictures ever.

Mystery thing
A very exciting thing looks like it will happen and I’ll tell you more about it another time. (Mum and dad – it’s the exciting thing I already called you about. Yeah that thing. Yep? Good). I don’t think I am excited enough about the thing yet. One of the side effects of how hard this year has been is that it means at the moment I’m reluctant to get excited. I’m worried stuff will fall through; that I’ll just be disappointed again. I keep telling people about this potentially great thing to gauge their reaction, just to see if it’s ok to be excited yet. I miss optimism and premature excitement. I hope I can get that back soon.

I didn’t know what picture to put with this so here’s some gummy bears I ate today.

Speaking of this year being kind of hard – I love love loved the latest episode of Doctor Who. Those things might seem unrelated but they are definitely not. I loved the episode so much that I might just go ahead and write a whole blog about how much I liked it and how many things it made me feel. This is the first time in ages that I’ve watched an episode and immediately just wanted to sit down and write a whole bunch. I am glad that this season has bought that feeling back.

I just have a lot of emotions.

We are now seriously into NYWF countdown mode. I have no idea what this blog will look like for the next few weeks. Stand by. Also please come to NYWF it’s going to be great.

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