Dear July,
We watch a lot of TV. Lately that means old episodes of Survivor and long video game streams. Tonight we took a break from both those things to watch the new Orphan Black and it was so brief and brutal. I’d almost forgotten what TV drama is like? Packing that much tension into such a short space of time feels almost absurd. It was good, sure. But the soothing, gently unfolding drama in an episode of Awful Squad is good as well. 

I’m increasingly fascinated by the potential of online mediums to tell stories, and the messy, human way those stories tend to unfold. We watch hours and hours of Polygon videos every week. Im deeply addicted to MTV’s Single AF. I’ve got more thoughts about this – rattling around my head and the inboxes of editors I’ve pitched them to. Lately all I want to write about is storytelling online. It probably won’t replace taught, glossy “proper” TV but right now, in our house at least, it’s encroaching pretty seriously onto proper TVs turf.
Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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