9.34am- Slightly late to press meeting due to missing the early bus. Enjoy the novelty of drafting a blog on a bus. Do not enjoy the subsequent motion sickness.
9.54am- Note to self, I have lived in Newcastle for well over a year. I should not be walking along Hunter St eyeing the program map with confusion. It makes me look like a tourist.
10.25am- Learning a lot of things at the ‘Novel Finishing Bootcamp’. A lot of stuff I already knew but needed to hear. It’s good to sit down and really WRITE during the festival. It’s something I hardly ever get to do.
11.45am- Walk back to Staple Manor with Francis in search of a program (she’s just arrived and this is her first festival). There are no programs at Staple Manor. I point her in the direction of The Great Northern with instructions to introduce herself to randoms and make friends.
12.10pm- Submit my Thursday blog only 10 minutes late. Decide to spend the half hour before the next session writing my reading for tonight.
12:46pm- Almost finished my piece for tonight’s reading. I’m worried that it’s a little too niche. I’d like it to be funny and wanting to be funny always makes me nervous.
12:50pm- I steal a cold crossiant from a table in Staple Manor and eat it as I walk to Customs House for ‘How to Get Published’. 

1.00pm- Get slightly lost in Customs House after being thrown off course by some men in ties talking about town planing.
1.28pm- I appear to already be slightly starving and dehydrated. Also I seem to have accidentally turned my predictive text to Swahili. Handy.
2.33pm- TOP TIP! Forget your swimmers? Wear a sports bra upside down like pants!
2.35pm- Lunch time discussion: ‘How many times do you think people have tied ties around their penises? Thousands?’
2.52pm- Stop by the bank to get a float out for the zine fair. Going to have to carry a bunch of cash around for the rest of the day.
3.15pm- Turns out my phone had actually set itself to Dutch.
3.30pm- Get roped into doing Would You Rather an hour before kick off because a car containing the intended artist has broken down.
 4.15pm- Just got handed a beer. Clearly I predicted being plied into doing a panel with free alcohol and that is why I caught the bus this morning.
6.15pm- Would You Rather was super fun. Also I’m defiantly not a nazi. Just for the record.
6.50pm- Claim a table at the Indian on Hunter St. Spend the next two hours eating curry and talking about the big issues. Usually when I say that I mean zombies but we’re talking about gun laws and education funding and politics and writing and migration.
10.01pm- Sitting at a table in staple manor finishing my piece for the reading that starts in less than an hour. There’s an event on so they’ve turned all the lights off
10.15pm- My boyfriend/sub-editor has just written ‘sodomy damage joke?’ in the middle of this piece in red.
10.45pm- Print my piece on the press room printer and head to the Royal Exchange.
11.14pm- Read first. Shake more than I’m expecting and have some difficulty breathing to start with. Get through it though. People even laugh. Which is nice.
10.20pm- Rachel whispers after I finish ‘ you make us sound like douches!’ Alex whispers ‘you are douches!’ In DnD at least.
11.45pm- Sleepy now. But readings is good.
12:15am- Scab a lift home from my friend Rachel, which is the advantage of living in Newcastle.
12:59am- Have one of those moments where I realise its 1am. And I am very, very tired.
1:42am- Have one of those moments where I realise its 2am and I’m still not asleep.

Great new content up at the Press Room. Head over to reminise about yesterday or to sit in your lounge room and pretend you’re here.

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