Gap filler

There’s something about comedy that’s just good for you, on some fundamental level. It can’t just be me who walks out of a show (even a kind of bad one) feeling a little bit better about life and the universe in general. It’s like gap filler for the soul.

I feel like my soul was in need of some gap filing. There were times over the last fortnight when the idea of packing a bag and abandoning everything to come to Melbourne wasn’t very appealing. I know that sounds ridiculous but I needed extra hours in the day. I needed more time. But Thursday morning rolled around and I’d got everything done, more or less, and my bag was packed and Melbourne started to feel like a good idea again. I started to remember why I wanted to go.

If you’re never experienced the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, it’s a very hard thing to describe. There’s an atmosphere to this festival, something that buzzes through the air around Town Hall. There’s the unmistakable hum of community just below the surface of everything.

I was part of that a little more last year. When I was editing The Pun, I glimpsed into that world and it was a wonderful, strange place. Doing that job was incredible and surreal and insanely stressful. I think it equipped me better than anything else could have for just coming along this year and having a great time. I have not once missed writing reviews.

Instead we’ve been for walks in the park, eaten dumplings and late night pancakes on the library steps. We’ve caught trams in the wrong direction and walked through rainy streets.
Notice the “we”. Last year I ate an awful lot of meals alone. This year I’ve dragged along four of my favourite people and just being here, having someone to appreciate it all with, is amazing.

That might be all from me today. There are things to be done today, adventures to be had. The stolen moments while everyone else is getting ready, are rapidly ticking a away.
There are times to blog, to reflect and remember, and there are times to just live, and worry about the rest later.

If you’re in Melbourne, get yourself to the following shows:
Gen Fricker
Josh Earl
Smart Casual
Hannah Gadsby
Deanne Smith

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