I’m already wearing it

Photo by Alan Weedon.
In which Alex writes nonsensical, rambling daily blogs about The National Young Writers Festival 2014, several weeks after it happened.

Running down Hunter Street I bump into my friend Jack sitting in a cafe. I stop and hug him and then run off saying “I need to help with chairs!” I don’t see him again all weekend.
Go sit in Staple Manor and do a million little last minute things. Can’t quite believe it’s Thursday.
Suddenly there are people? Like a lot of people. All of a sudden. And the room is so full, too full, and people are drinking the luke warm good we spent $20 of the production budget on. 
It is hot. There are more people than we expected. Too many people, not enough air.
The whole room applauds after Geoff Lemon opens a window.
I go and stand away from the crowd, in front of a window. There are people I should say hello to but if they want to talk they can come to me at my window.
Move everyone out of Staple Manor, head to the Great Northern for food.
Develop a brief feud with the woman working at the Great Northern because she wouldn’t bring me my schnitzel fast enough.
Eat schnitzel much too quickly and then put the chips into a take-away container (which I asked someone else to get for me because of my feud with the serving lady) and run for a taxi.
Lex, Jess and I laugh in the taxi at how strange and surreal it all is – eating chips in a cab taking us to the other end of town because we don’t have enough time to eat or to run.
Stand in the Edwards for the TiNA launch, one of the few occasions we got to see the Crack and Critical Animals directors. Is nice.
Run from The Edwards to the Cambridge. Am yelled at from a car. While tweeting about being yelled at, am accosted by a different man in a car. The festival can’t officially start until you get yelled at out of a car. Stay classy Newcastle.
Stick butcher’s paper to the walls at the Cambridge so that amazing comic artists can draw on the walls. 
Watch amazing comic artists draw on the walls. Reveal in how wonderful and strange it is.
Ask Duncan when he is going to change into his leotard and he says “I’m already wearing it”.
The room is full of people. Think that there was more people than I expected? More people than there usually is at NYWF on a Thursday. A lot of people.
Cry with laughter while Duncan does a very sombre speech because I know he is wearing a leotard while he doesit.
Crying some more when Duncan and my brother both remove their clothes to reveal their leotards.
Walk down Hunter Street in a crowd of people in the dark and the cold and the evening air.
Sit in the Royal Exchange listening to Romance Readings. The room is packed. There’s more people than we expected. Again.
Home. Bed. 
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