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The borrowed chair in question.

Imagine coming home at 10pm to find that two slightly insane young women had not only set up camp in your living room they’d also set up an office. I imagine that would be slightly disconcerting. Especially given that, after a brief exchange of pleasantries they ask if they could perhaps borrow one of your chairs? Just for the day? It’d come back intact?

That is how Rosie and I (what you didn’t recognise Rosie and I from that description? Have you been paying no attention at all?) began Write Across Sydney, late on Wednesday evening. We followed this with an early morning trip to Dan Murphy’s (there is really only so many reasons to be at a discount liquor retailer at 9am buying cases of very cheap wine, they probably assumed we were young and stylish alcoholics) and getting lost (seriously Sydney, get better sign posting).

The rest of the day ran remarkably smoothly. Surprisingly so. People came and seemed to enjoy themselves. Guests arrived on time and left rather pleased with their thankyou booze (if any of the guests are reading this- I really hope that wine wasn’t totally awful. You can always cook with it).

Rather than simply relating the day which would be boring for those who were there and unfair for those who weren’t, I thought I’d give you all some homework. Despite its advances technology is yet to enable multimedia and hyperlink sharing via telepathy. Here, therefore, are the hyperlinks for the sessions which I attended.

For those at my workshop (and everyone else for that matter) the greatest short story of all time  can be read online here. Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson is a masterpiece. If you’d like to do it justice and read it in book form it can often be found as “and other stories” in editions of “The strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” Officially its part of the “and other tales” in “The Merry Men and Other Tales.” Keep an eye out next time you’re trolling second hand book stores.

You can find the latest issue of Meanjin here which contains the pretty awesome essay which Elmo Keep read for us while sitting in the stolen chair on the lawn. Also Penguin Plays Rough which Pip Smith read from is here and the staggering pretty new magazine Seizure here.

Some of the stories Elmo talked about during her interview about Hungry Beast are here and here. There’s also a fairly cool opportunity from Zapruder’s currently open. More info here.

If you haven’t watched The Future Machine written by and staring Matt Okine from our comedy panel you should get on that. You can also read the interview I did with him here. You should make time to watch The Jesters written by Angus Fitzsimons and Kevin Brampton. That way, the next time they ask a room full of people if anyone’s ever seen it, someone can put their hand up.

Simply by reading this post (and ten points if you’ve waded through all those hyperlinks to read this far) you’re clicked one of the things from the blogging panel (that’s right, I was on it). The lovely Michelle blogs here. She’s reading a book from every year since 1900. One a week. In chronological order. Now that is blogging with commitment. Also you should check out Georgia who vlogs here. If you’ve got no idea what vlogging is (where have you BEEN) start with this and this. Then contact me for further instructions.

Check out Curtis Brown here and Pippa Masson here. During Pippa’s talk I also discovered something that scares me as much as stand-up. Want to know what it is? “A book a year.” Which is what professional authors are expected to output. The very thought makes me want to reach for a paper bag.

Finally there’s a diligent team of people working away to produce something very exciting. They started work during Write Across Sydney and on Friday the big reveal will take place. The theme of this secret thing (I hope they won’t mind me telling you) is television. It is therefore relevant to your interests. Follow their progress and get updates here.

That’s it. Thanks to everyone who came to Write Across Sydney and those of you who were there in spirit. Also you should all know that Rosie is Awesome. Note the capital A.

To wrap the whole thing up there will be National Young Writers Month closing parties all across the country. That means there’s one near you. Check out Twitter and the Favebook group for more information as it comes to hand.

I’m organising my launch in Grafton (of all places) because I happen to like it there. Details here.

Over and out.

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