July 13th

Dear July,
Some things that happened today:
1. Jedward sent me a message on Twitter??? And I was so shocked/half asleep that I just ignored it and pretended it hadn’t happened for a while.
2. I realised that even if I could use this freak incident to make Jedward let me interview them I couldn’t think of anyone who would publish a serious interview with Jedward.
3. My article about MasterChef went up (because at least people will publish articles about MasterChef) and lots of people liked it.
4. A person who didn’t like my article called me a “wet blanket”.
5. We went out to the farm where our family live and it was so idyllic and lovely and great.
6. I made a chocolate cake in the time it took someone to have a shower.
7. We picked as many oranges as we could carry off the trees to take home.
8. We went for a nice walk around the farm.
9. We saw some geese that were actually nice and not bitey.
10. Stinging nettles grow all over the place here because they are literal weeds but also they are delicious so I have decided I should grow stinging nettles.
11. On the farm, the dam has an island in the middle and a raft that goes to the island, which is a childhood dream and I am jealous.
12. I made an Instagram for Tanya so her and my mum can send each other pictures of their chickens.
13. We played Monopoly with the kids and the Duncan (the youngest) almost won using only train stations and utilities. I was the first to go bankrupt.
14. At home, in the evening, Fin and Alex chatted about Pokemon for ages and we chatted about other things and it was nice.
15. I tried not to think too much about having to leave because that is bad and I don’t want to.
Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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