July 14th

Dear July,
We went to the zoo today. We had lunch at the picnic area near the monkeys; the same picnic area we’ve been going to forever. I have lots of memories set there – of tearing around the grass, exploring the surrounding pine forest and rummaging in the gravel around the barbecues (for treasure? I can’t remember). When I was small, the emus used to roam free and they’d come and stand around threateningly around while you ate your sausages. Today, I was in charge of cooking the sausages. I turned them, moved them around and made sure they didn’t burn. I am quite good at cooking sausages now. I so vividly remember being too small to reach the barbecues or to be any more help than handing dad the tongs.
In the evening I make dinner. I used to sit on the floor of the kitchen in my godparent’s house and help. Sometimes I would peel dozens of eggs with my tiny little fingers, dropping the shell into a big plastic bowl. There’s a legendary story about the time I ate all the alcohol-soaked cherries out of the Christmas pudding batter. Tonight I stand over the stove with a glass of red wine and make chickpea and chorizo stew. I find my own way around the kitchen and hand the dishes down to everyone when I’m done. I feel like a different person to the tiny child who spent so much time sitting on the lino. I guess I am.

Alex x
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