July 15th

Dear July,
My cousins are scattered across the country, many of them in pockets of regional Australia. Seeing them, more and more, is like glimpsing a whole other life that I’ve bypassed.
Even though they’re not much older than me, many of them have settled down. They own houses. They’re renovating the houses. They’re having babies, or thinking about it. They have a stability and a sureness that I can only dream of. I have fantasies about living in the same place long enough to plant fruit trees. For now, even my herbs are in pots.
I’ve achieved so many things. I am proud of them and confident that the route I’ve chosen is the right one. But sometimes, I can’t help but be jealous of what’s happening on the parallel path.

Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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