July 16th

Dear July,
We stopped in Benalla for a quick snack and some quick Pokemon Go, as the sun was dipping low. Pokemon Go is a genuinely pleasant way to navigate around an unfamiliar place.With a bundle of chips from the only shop open on a Sunday afternoon, we followed the Poke stops across a little bridge and stumbled into the botanical gardens, which we wouldn’t have found otherwise. We ate our chips looking out across the water and it was beautiful. On the way back we stopped in a park where someone had dropped three lures in a triangle. We chased Pokemon around on this soggy square of grass with kids and families all around us playing too, all loudly exclaiming that they had failed to catch the extremely strong Venusaur (no one caught the Venusaur).
When we got back to Melbourne, as we were sitting around sleepily wondering what to do with our evening, someone dropped two lures on the park up the road. We pulled on jumpers and scarfs and trekked up. In the park, there were almost a dozen other people, cheerfully catching Pokemon. We smiled at each other. It was friendly and happy – all these people, rugged up against the cold, hanging out in the park on a Saturday night.
Silent, friendly interactions with complete stangers are one of my most favourite things. I love the feeling when you and a stranger, for a moment, quietly acknowledge that you’re sharing this weird planet. Pokemon Go is all about those moments.

Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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