July 21st

Dear July,
We walked up to the gelato shop in that soft part of evening when the darkness doesn’t feel too thick. Pre-dinner gelato is an extravagance but we wanted to show our friends the little shop which we’d only recently discovered. Miinot Gelato is sandwiched in the middle of a line of derelict buildings – an inexplicable haven of light and mirrors. It took us too long to pick which flavours we wanted, then with our laden cups (I had panna cotta and fig), we trekked back down the hill.
At home, I gently pried the Bundt cake I’d made earlier from it’s tin, sighing when the crenelations slid neatly out. I drizzled it with icing and thyme leaves, all ready for our second (or, as it turned out, third) desert. It was a lemon and thyme cake (the recipe is from Simply Nigella), laced with thyme leaves from our garden and lemons from the farm in Dubbo. 
We played games and drank beers and laughed, huddled together around our too-small dining table. For dinner I made pumpkin and halloumi burgers and we crammed the disks of cheesy pumpkin into soft pittas.
We played more games. Tom bought doughnuts to make up for the fact that he forgot tomatoes. So we had second desert and played more games. I cut the cake and we had third desert, along with further games. If truth be told, we probably ate too much dessert. But there are few things better than friends and cake.
Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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