July 24th

Dear July,
I’m trying to get better at plants. This has been a long term project and I am starting to wonder if it will ever end. One day, I’ll look up from my orchard and think that maybe I should experiment with different types of companion planting and wonder if I’ll ever get better at plants. There is a lot to be good at with plants.
I am still practising. At the moment my main project is growing edible things. This is both the dream and the thing which I am worst at doing. This morning I replanted some of the herbs that had gone to seed. Spurred by the success of my radish and sage (which have so far both sprouted without dying, it is a small success), I put in seeds for rocket and nastersions to go with the spinach seeds I planted last week.
The dream is to be able to decide what to cook based on what’s in the garden that week. The ultimate dream is to be entirely self-sufficient and live in a house I made myself in the middle of nowhere but that’s a slightly more far-fetched fantasy. I’d really, really love to be able to grow some Australian native food plants but I’m working up to that because I’ll get very attached to them and be sad if they die. 

Also I made veggie nuggets with the leftovers from the schitzel and they were pretty great. They get a mention because I did not take any of my plants aka some dirt with seeds hidden in it.

Alex x

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