July 26th

Dear July,
Tonight Jake and Vee came over to watch the final of MasterChef. I made beetroot risotto and Jake made mille-feuille because both me and Jake would be very good at MasterChef.
The final was very distressing. Watching Matt fall to pieces while his wife (who he clearly adores) had to stand on the gantry above him was one of the most upsetting sixty seconds of television I have ever watched. Anyway, I’m glad that (spoilers) Elena won because I am excited to see what she does next but also I kind of thing Matt deserved it more? That is my hot take.
Afterwards, we picked teams for Survivor since we decided that we should get into Survivor next instead of taking a break from reality tv like sane people. I had to pick last and frankly I was short changed but whatever I’m not bitter. I’m in it for the friend times, not the victory.

Alex x

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