July 29th

Dear July,
The last two days we’ve done strategic planning at work. Heywire is such a huge and sprawling thing. When people ask what I do, I struggle to encapsulate it all. And even when I manage to explain the process, all the nuts and bolts, I can never fit the important stuff into small talk – the impact Heywire has and the difference it really genuinely makes.
And it’s only getting bigger. Last year we wrote a three-year strategic plan and already a lot of the dreams we have are a reality, or are on their way to being. There’s huge things on the horizon and it’s so incredible to be able to be a part of that.
I love my job. It’s exciting and rewarding work on a program that I really care about. So often I want to pinch myself because that is so rare, and I am so lucky.

Alex x

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