July 2nd

Dear July,
In the morning, democracy seemed pretty bright. I stood in a polite and friendly line of people all quietly chatting about politics. I cast my vote. I bought a sausage sandwich and a $2 primary school cookbook. I ate my mid-morning sausage sitting in the sun. I felt almost overwhelmed by how lucky I am to live in a country where voting is like this.
In the evening, after a long day, I watched hours and hours of election coverage. I cooked Ottolenghi – leek cakes and caramelised fennel – because it’s what Leigh and Annabelle would want. The slightly fiddly processes were what I needed as the hours ticked on and it became increasingly clear that I would go to bed without knowing who our next government would be. Boyfriend was working at a polling place, leaving the house before 7am and not getting home until after midnight. So I watched the news alone, eating leek cakes and drinking rose.
By the time we went to bed, after 1:00, the outcome was still murky. The only thing that seemed clear was that we are facing a messy and divided government.
Still – we are lucky. Lucky to talk freely about politics in public. Luckily to know that all of our country voted. Lucky to vote at places that are not only peaceful but festive.
Alex x

 Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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